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About IRV

Through this process the organization trying to participate to formulate a holistic, transformational development approaches. It has been taking national and local level initiatives for poor, marginal & small farmers, fisher Folk, indigenous, and Sundarbans depended community. Besides, direct field interventions IRV organizing network with different like-minded individual, organizations, forums and also providing support for capacity building, developing information network, conducting research, campaign and civil society mobilization. IRV also engaged in program design, program development, documentation, monitoring and evaluation. The organization strives to develop and maintain active links with local, national and international institutions, forum and networks in achieving its objectives.

In fact, it was not only a gigantic task but also highly challenging as in the mean time conflicting vested interested group evolved. Anyway IRV has been advancing patiently harnessing supports, blessings, assistance and guidance from various segment of the society.  IRV always keeps this in mind with appropriate adoration.


Name of Organization & Address   : Initiative for Right View (IRV)
93, Nazir ghat road, khulna
Phone: 088-041-2831532
Contact Person : Kazi Zaved Khalid Pasha
Coordinator (CEO).
Legal Status : Certificate of Registration of Societies (Act, xxi of 1860) No.Khulna-251 of 2008

Vision: Just and equal society through transformational development

Mission: Value community and women’s traditional knowledge base systems, local resources, preserving ecology, establishing human right. We are committed to ensure People’s direct participation through right-based approach and strengthen their capacity for transformational development.

Goal:  Transformational and Integrated development initiative through people’s direct participation for social justice 



To ensure rights of the poor, marginal, oppressed and the disadvantaged


To ensure child right


To conserve ecology


To promote community and women’s Knowledge base systems and Proper Local Resource Management and utilization


To support local and popular initiatives in conservation and utilization of biodiversity, agro-biodiversity for transformational development through development programs.

* Campaign;
* Capacity building;
* Advocacy;
* Research;
* Program Development;
* Networking;


IRV believes in participatory approach in development. IRV encourage and value community initiatives, knowledge and involvement in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development projects and programs.

IRV works through partnership and develops forum with diverse partners and stakeholders at grassroots, local, national and international level.

Total staff of the organization:
a) Total Staff: 7 (Seven), b) Paid Staff: 4 (Four) c) Voluntaries: 3 (Three)

They have a lot of experience of grassroots mobilization, campaign and advocacy. The team has experience in organizing international, national programs. They are conducting research and study. The team members have been participating international programs and keep regular communication with international forums, networks and potential initiatives. The team has experience in Information Technology (IT) and publications. The team has well acceptance in the community, local and national level. Three staffs are working for the project purpose. Two staffs are engaged in research.