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Initiative for Right View (IRV) is a right-based research, campaign organization. IRV is a not-profit organization. It was established in 2008, through a group of young development activists who are very much committed to social change, transformation and confidence for raising peoples' voices on different burning issues, which caused sufferings of the people, specially, the poor, marginal and oppressed people. The special focus of IRV is to address economic justice, biodiversity, climate change, disaster response and risk mitigation, women’s knowledge base systems and human rights. IRV is committed to uphold the women’s right and equitable distribution of social wealth.








Many Species. One Planet. One Future - WED
Network one climate change, Bangladesh(NCC,B)

World Environment Day 2010

Southwest Coastal Zone located at the mouth of the World largest delta which provides a unique environmental feature in Bangladesh. The regional lands of the region are barely one meter above mean sea level with a large
numbers of interconnected rivers, estuaries and natural environment.

Training on
IWRM in Perspective of Gender and Climate Change

Report on IWRM Workshop

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