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Hanging Garden
A Voice for People's Perspective
The southwest coastal region of Bangladesh is an active part of Ganges Delta formed by fine clay soil (Flubic) carried in by the upstream flows which is very fertile and rich in biological diversity. The livelihood of the people of this region is highly dependent on the natural resources. Agriculture and fisheries are important economic sectors employing a large portion of the population. Major gricultural crops include rice, betel and vegetables, mustered and oil seed. Endowed with an abundance of natural resources and high iological diversity, there was need for an appropriate development initiative or optimal utilization of its resources for improving the living tandards of the people.

Hanging vegetable gardens Kazi Zaved Khalid Joy describes how hanging vegetable gardens provide an innovative adaptation strategy to cope with waterlogging in coastal Bangladesh
World Environment Day-2010 Southwest Coastal Zone located at the mouth of the World largest delta which provides a unique environmental
feature in Bangladesh. The regional lands of the region are barely one meter above mean sea level with a large
numbers of interconnected rivers, estuaries and natural environment. The world largest Mangrove forest is situated in
the region which is rich in natural resources and biodiversity.








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